Factors to Consider When Choosing aShipping Law Firm
Factors to Consider When Choosing aShipping Law Firm

Factors to Consider When Choosing aShipping Law Firm

Have you, by any chance heard about shipping law in Singapore? Maybe you’re doing a bit of research on what it entails before making up your mind to become a shipping lawyer. Either way, it always pays off to understand what is expected before deciding on anything. After all, there is no essence in pursuing a career path you know nothing about.

In a nutshell, shipping law is largely the domain of international law firms or niche practices. But there are regional law firms you can consider leveraging. Even though it is a highly specialized field, shipping law Singapore entails a broad range of disciplines relating to either the financing, insurance, construction, use of and ultimately decommissioning of vessels.

Notable clients of a shipping law Singapore firm include ship, shipbuilders, financiers, insurers, charterers, P&I clubs, and port authorities, to name a few. That leaves many wondering what a shipping lawyer in Singapore does. While some shipping lawyers are generalists, most specialize in either wet shipping or dry shipping.

For those who might not know, wet shipping relates to accidents on the high seas. Things tend to be different with dry shipping as it deals with contractual and commercial matters. Shipping solicitors can be involved in disputes when buying, selling, repairing, refueling, mortgaging or insuring ships.

Now that you have insights into shipping law in Singapore, it is time to examine the skills needed before taking this career path. Well, you should be more than willing to work either independently or as part of the team, including other solicitors, engineers and other professionals.

It continues beyond that since they should have the ability to present arguments clearly and concisely. Of course, they remember the ability to work consistently to a high standard for long hours or under tight deadlines. Keep in mind that there are other skills you should take up besides those included in this simple guide.

Shipping law Singapore firms offer more than it might seem at first. And with the increasing number of firms handling shipping law in Singapore, you need to be sure you’re counting on the best there is.

This means taking it upon yourself to examine what each shipping law Singapore firms bring to the table. That way, it won’t take long before you finally separate the good from the bad without feeling the pinch.