How IHiS is Shaping Singapore’s Health Sector
How IHiS is Shaping Singapore’s Health Sector

How IHiS is Shaping Singapore’s Health Sector

Every country is doing all it takes to ensure citizens benefit from the best healthcare services without taking a toll on their finances. Singapore has also not been left behind since they continue modernizing the public healthcare system to make it way more efficient. However, even though Singapore’s Government has a vital role in making this possible, they can never do it alone.


To create a modern and efficient public healthcare system, the government requires the help of both public and private companies. And one notable company that helps shape Singapore’s healthcare sector for the better is the renowned Integrated Health Information Systems IHIS.


In a nutshell, IHiS is the agency responsible for supplying the enabling technology that powers the healthcare sector in Singapore. Their primary focus is to improve the health of Singaporeans and health administrations by integrating intelligent, highly resilient, secure, and cost-effective technologies with processes and people. No wonder it is true to say that IHIS  plays a pivotal role in Singapore’s healthcare success.


Although the company was formed way back in 2008, it decided to merge with MOH Holdings’ IT division in late 2016 to advance Singapore’s long-term healthcare plans. This merger aimed to create an effective organization with combined capabilities that could drive synergies and efficiencies across the spectrum. Of course, this is from individual healthcare institution IT systems to national IT systems.


And the merger proved fruitful sinceIHISwas able to improve the IT systems operation in Singapore. Furthermore, the company is responsible for improving system availability and resiliency, with fewer operations issues reported by public healthcare users. We can never forget the increased focus on cybersecurity, which is visibly evident with the increased resources committed to security enhancements.


IHiS is undeniably one of the best companies that continue shaping Singapore’s healthcare sector for the better. However, although they still offer a wide range of solutions to the sector,IHISneeds to stay ahead of the curve and meet the demands of an aging population, a rise in chronic disease burden, and the shrinking workforce.


The good news is the company doesn’t disappoint in this regard since it is looking into new applications of IT innovation to improve the health of our population and enhance healthcare delivery for our Singaporeans.