How IHiS is Shaping Singapore’s Healthcare Sector
How IHiS is Shaping Singapore’s Healthcare Sector

How IHiS is Shaping Singapore’s Healthcare Sector

Modern tech is now applicable in almost every industry you might think about. And things are no different in the healthcare sector since technology plays a vital role in helping offer better care to patients. Furthermore, it gives healthcare workers an easy time as they can now handle most things without going through a lot.

One company that is helping incorporate tech in Singapore’s healthcare sector is the renowned IHiS. The full name for IHiS is Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd, and is a leader when it comes to Singapore’s HealthTech. This technology agency for public healthcare sector  was formed in 2008 to pursue an integrated approach in IT implementation of public healthcare systems.

All IT systems offered by IHiS are designed with the patient in mind. This is to help improve accessibility to healthcare services and improve quality of patient services. It doesn’t end at that since they also help improve effectiveness for out healthcare system through IT-enabled productivity measures.

IHiS maintains and manages around 800 IT systems, many of which ensure 24×7 delivery of services across various care settings such as acute hospitals, community hospitals and nursing homes. The span of the systems includes areas in electronic medical record, medical imaging, laboratory test records, financial aid, and telehealth, to mention a few.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that IHiS supports more than 50,000 healthcare users in Singapore. Every year, it delivers an average of 1000 new projects and enhancements to improve the quality of care for patients and productivity of health professionals in public healthcare, and extend to private and VWO healthcare partners such as general practitioners and nursing homes.

There is more that the Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) brings to Singapore’s healthcare sector than what is merely included in this simple guide. You should take it upon yourself to do a bit of research to find out more about IHiS and its offerings. A good starting point is by checking out its official website.

Here, you will find all the answers to your burning questions without necessarily having to move a muscle. You can also pay a visit to and see what makes IHiS stand out from the competition. Keep in mind IHiS is looking into new applications of IT innovation to improve the health of our population and enhance healthcare delivery for our citizens.