How Your SME Can Benefit from the PSG Digital Marketing Grant
How Your SME Can Benefit from the PSG Digital Marketing Grant

How Your SME Can Benefit from the PSG Digital Marketing Grant

When Covid-19 hit Singapore’s economy, all businesses and most especially the SMEs, were greatly affected. As a result, the Singaporean government released a means to support companies through those difficult times. Singapore’s government launched the PSG, also known as the Productivity Solutions Grant to help businesses.


Currently, small to medium-sized businesses in Singapore can apply for a grant of up to 70 percent funding support for approved e-commerce solutions. PSG is also highly vital as it helps your business market to a whole new level considering the importance of digital marketing these days. So, keep reading to understand more about the PSG Grant and how you can apply here for one.


Before going any further, you should understand the what the PSG Digital Marketing Grant is. The Singapore government launched the productivity solutions, Grant some years back, and its primary purpose was to help local SMEs improve their companies’ operations by utilizing IT services and equipment. The Productivity Solutions Grant serves several industries like retail, engineering, and construction.


Moreover, PSG supports solutions implemented in business management and the different processes and systems such as data analytics, customer management, and sector-specific solutions. In addition, Productivity Solutions Grant included pre-scoped IT solutions, equipment, and consultancy services that improve productivity.


Now let’s take a quick look at who is entitled to the PSG digital marketing grant. Well, the Productivity Solutions Grant is usually available to all businesses operating within Singapore. However, a company will still need to meet the minimum qualification to apply for the PSG digital marketing grant.


What if you don’t know how to apply for the PSG digital marketing grant? To lend a helping hand, you should ensure your organization has been registered and operating in Singapore for at least six months. Moreover, your organization must have purchased a subscription for Singapore’s IT Solutions, equipment, and consultancy service.


Some selected Singaporean companies must also have a minimum of 30 percent of local shareholding to apply for this grant. If you plan on applying for consultancy Solutions, you must have at least three employees at the point of application. Furthermore, your organization should not have any payment or signed contract with any source that concerns lease, subscription, or IT solution. You can then determine which lender provides the PSG digital marketing grant.