Perfect Ways to Leverage of Google SERP Tools
Perfect Ways to Leverage of Google SERP Tools

Perfect Ways to Leverage of Google SERP Tools

Google is undoubtedly in a steady condition of progress. The blue links that used to comprise a search engine results page (SERP) are diminishing in importance, and new features are becoming more essential with every passing month. From image results and local packs to site links and knowledge panels, it is evident that Google is reshaping search marketing.

What we are trying to imply is that focusing only on your website is no longer effective. Ranking higher than your competitor in Google’s organic rankings is less meaningful if that competitor is displayed, say and answer box. That being said, below are some of the Google SERP tools you should consider leveraging.

If you’re fond of keeping pace with the current Google Trends, you might already know that structured data is one element that really revs up today’s SEO. Since it labels a website’s data to make the site look better to Google, structure data boosts visibility and helps skyrocket traffic. While Google doesn’t consider it mandatory for high ranking, leveraging structured data is certainly recommended.

Rank Rangers’ SERP features tool tracks the presences of various SERP features over time. How often is a particular featuring appearing? Is its presence within the SERPs generally increasing or decreasing? The good thing about this free research tool can be used to benchmark and explore the presence and trending of Knowledge Graphs, Ads, Images, Local Pack, News Pack, Related Search and Organic Results counts.

If this is not enough, Rank Ranger also provides a helpful guide to all the existing Google SERP features, including visual examples of each. You can also consider taking advantage of Google Autocomplete for getting content ideas for things to work in your favor.

While you might not know about Google My Business, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy a higher ranking on major search engines. That’s why you should look into the different Google SERP tools before choosing the best for your needs.

From Google Keyword Planner and Rank Ranger’s Google SERP Features Tool, there is more to it than meets the eye. You can keep on reading about useful Google SERP tools by checking out the official website of MediaOne Marketing. It is then that you won’t make do with a low rank on Google.