The Role of Facial Recognition System in Health
The Role of Facial Recognition System in Health

The Role of Facial Recognition System in Health

The meaning of facial recognition system is quite intuitive. Technology uses biometric algorithms to map, analyse, and confirm the identity of a face on a photo or video. Although all facial recognition systems operate differently, it can be distilled into several processes. That is detection, analysis, and recognition.

Along with this, many industries are turning to the AI technology solutions. So, how does it work and how does it implement the technology ethically? Below, we have compiled some of the ways facial recognition system in Singapore have made impact in the health industry. Read on below!

Singapore facial recognition systemscan help diagnose rare genetic disorders especially those with mild symptoms. One instance is from a hospital where doctors tried to diagnose a patient experiencing unusual symptoms. The clinicians turned into a face recognition powered mobile app. Such applications scan patient’s photo, mapping their face with landmarks.

They also use machine learning to match the detected facial characteristics to those of rare conditions. As a result, the application generates a list potential diagnosis, each with a probability score. With the help of such applications, the medical staffs can comfortably identify some rare cases. There are numerous facial applications that help diagnose rare condition, not forgetting authenticate hospital visitors.

Another use case of facial recognition in health industry is keeping track of patients with mental health conditions. For instance, the software can be used to interpret the emotional state and improve the safety of patients prone to risky behaviours, such as removing a breathing tube. The technology can help doctors cope with stress too.

According to research, high percentage of medical staffs feel depressed. Facial analysis is reported to identify these conditions and nudge medical workers to take stress-relieving measures. People with special needs too can benefit from facial recognition. These technology analyses people’s facial expressions and prompts some wearers with respective cues.

As of the current years, the facial recognition industry is still growing. While facial recognition solutions are getting more affordable and easier to build, the promising potential of the tech is halted by in comprehensive legislation.

Amid public debate about the safety of facial recognition technology, businesses and tech vendors should prioritize building transparent and explainable solutions. Other areas you should know about when visiting most hospitals in Singapore using patient ID system and healthcare ID systems. Be sure to test new ID system to stand a better chance of reaping maximum benefits.