Things To Know Before Working with Multiple Cloud Service Providers
Things To Know Before Working with Multiple Cloud Service Providers

Things To Know Before Working with Multiple Cloud Service Providers

Enterprises now have multiple cloud providers from which to choose. For example, even though Amazon Web Services boasts a considerable market share, Microsoft Azure offers an increasingly competitive set of services. If this is not enough, the Google enterprise cloud platform is attractive to those with big data and processing needs using Google’s infrastructure.


This explains why businesses are unwilling to be tied closely to a single cloud provider specialized services available in one cloud as they aren’t always available in another. Fortunately, you can now choose to work with multiple cloud service providers to take advantage of the benefits while limiting duplication of effort and other extra work. Here is how to make this possible.


Compute and Workload Management Services

If you’ve done your homework, you already know that compute, and workload management services entail orchestration, cluster management, and configuration tools. For those trying this option for the first time, virtual machines (VM) are the building blocks of any compute service. Infrastructure as service vendors offer a variety of VMs, and you must understand their differences before deciding on anything.


Storage Services

Moving workloads across multiple clouds can feel like an uphill task, especially if you need to coordinate them between cloud solutions. The same applies to businesses that run scripts designed to use one cloud’s API on a competing cloud’s platform. However, you should keep in mind that storage brings a different set of challenges.


Even though most cloud service providers offer object storage services, understanding the subtle differences between options pays off. To avoid taking a toll on your business finances, ensure you choose an object based on the duration for which data will be stored.


The Bottom Line

Getting the most from a virtual private cloud doesn’t have to take a toll on your business. Now more than ever, you can effectively work with multiple cloud providers to ensure your business reaps maximum benefits without compromising on anything. Either way, you should never blindly take this route without having insights into what will come your way.


Be sure to spend some time doing your homework to determine what goes into effectively working with multiple cloud providers. Then, before you know it, you will get the most from cloud solutions without the hassle.