Understanding the Role of IHiS in Singapore’s Healthcare Sector
Understanding the Role of IHiS in Singapore’s Healthcare Sector

Understanding the Role of IHiS in Singapore’s Healthcare Sector

In the event that you constantly keep pace with everything transpiring in Singapore’s healthcare sector, there is a decent chance you have heard about the Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) at some point. IHiS is a multiple award-winning Healthcare IT Leader that digitizes, connects, and analyses Singapore’s health ecosystem.

The agency mainly focuses on improving the Singapore population’s health and health administrations. This is made possible through the integration of intelligent, highly resilient, and cost-effective technologies with process and people. No wonder IHiS developed intelligent IT for healthcare in Singapore.

But how much information do you know about IHiS? If you struggle to answer this question, then you have definitely come to the right place. You might be wondering about who are some of the people working in IHiS. Well, IHiS boasts a highly skilled team that works together to ensure everything turns out as planned.

Actually, the teamwork at IHiS is what keeps this company going when it comes to offering the best services in Singapore Healthcare sector. Among the most notable names you will come across at IHiS include Adam Kuei (Senior System Analyst), Aileen Guerrero ( Asst Lead Analyst), AiswarayaAjayakumar (System Analyst), and Alan Hwa (System Engineer). Of course, there are many more employees working at IHiS.

You already know that business competition will always exist regardless of the industry you decide to venture into. And IHiS is not immune to this as they also have competitors who are giving them a run for their money. Going through the list of IHiS competitors, you will notice that some are well established. They include CMA, Catapult Technology, Prism Informatics Limited, and Ionldea, to mention a few. Most of their competitors venture in Information Technology & Services.

The Integrated Health Information Systems will always remain an important player in helping shape Singapore’s healthcare sector. But for you to understand what they bring to the sector; it is in your best interest that you spend some time doing your homework. You don’t have to go overboard since you can always leverage the internet.

To make your quest easier, visit https://www.apollo.io/companies/IHiS–Integrated-Health-Information-Systems-/54a13c3b69702d2185cec101any time you deem appealing. You will get more information here and clear all your doubts regarding the operation of IHiS. So, what are you waiting for before you finally do your homework on IHiS and its offerings.