What’s the HEART Of A Real Leader?

Why do you think, it often seems, there is such a dearth of significant, true leadership, in so many groups and organizations? What is the necessary, true, essential, HEART, of a real leader? What distinguishes these rare people, from the rest – of – the – package? After over four decades of participation in most areas of excellent leadership, from identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting to tens of thousands of real, and/ or possible leaders, to serving, personally, as a leader, in various, size, and assignment, groups, I have often believed, if there might be, a better way, of attracting the best possible people, to seek to become leaders. With that in mind, this guide will attempt to examine, discuss, and briefly consider, using the mnemonic strategy, a number of the basic essentials.

  1. Curing; hearing; mind / heart: Unless/ until, someone prioritizes healing, for the common good, and bringing people together, how can he hope to effectively lead? This means, an individual must emphasize hearing, and efficiently listening, in order to be able to efficiently proceed, forward, using, both, one’s emotional and logical components, in a head/ heart balance!
  2. Empathy; accent; excellence; accentuate: True leaders consistently demonstrate the utmost, genuine empathy! They use this knowledge, to proceed, with an emphasis on needs, and priorities! A true leader, consistently, demands, the maximum degree of personal excellence, in order to enrich, his group, and stakeholders!
  3. Attention; attitude: How can anyone become an excellent leader, until/ unless, he pays keen attention, to goals and priorities, and the common good? In order to do so, requires, moving, with a positive, can – do, mindset!
  4. Relevant; rationalereasons: No one becomes a purposeful leader, until/ unless, he proceeds, with an emphasis, on relevant, sustainable solutions! He must be able to articulate his rationale, in a motivating, inspiring method! Real leaders know their reasons, are focus on the common good, and best interests of those they serve, and represent! learn more about, proteus leadership