Why You Should Partner with Customer Capital Consulting
Why You Should Partner with Customer Capital Consulting

Why You Should Partner with Customer Capital Consulting

If you lived in Singapore, you would have heard of a transportation company known as SMRT. This company has over 1400 buses and 120 train stations currently. With such numbers, they had many customers who used their transportation network to move from one place to another for business purposes. However, as the number increased, it became difficult for the company to manage its customers effectively. This includes feedback, complaints, and compliments. It becomes draining and exhausting to the employees involved in customer services. SMRT had to come up with a solution if they must retain the reputation they have in Singapore. They consulted a customer relationship management firm known as Customer Capital Consulting. The Customer Capital Consulting team helped productivity with the SMRT transportation company. They were able to achieve this in different ways.


Customer Capital Consultingfirm helped SMRT solve its customer relationship management problems in various ways. The ways include:


  1. Dynamic CRM Online

Customer Capital Consulting firm implemented a solution for the problems SMRT encountered in managing their customers known as Dynamics CRM Online.


  1. Integrated system creation

Customer Capital Consulting helped SMRT create a single, integrated system for managing all customer interactions. This made it easy for the SMRT employees in charge of serving customers. They were able to respond to customers’ feedback, complaints, and questions from one system.


  1. Employees training

The Customer Capital Consulting team conducted training for SMRT employees to understand the new system or solution and how to interact with prospective and current customers. In addition, they were trained on how to turn customers into loyal customers and how to establish a long-term relationship with their customers. When any company or organization has loyal customers, they will always patronize their services.


  1. Effective customer relationship management

Customer Capital Consulting enables SMRT to manage applications, correspondence, approvals, and activity tracking.


After the Customer Capital Consulting firm carried out the customer above relationship management strategy, the productivity of the SMRT transportation system improved in all aspects. This is why they are still the principal transportation network in Singapore. The relevant team got customers’ feedback on time and in a single integrated system regardless of the channel (email, text, etc.) the feedback is coming from. This drastically gave the staff the desired flexibility they wanted. It reduced their workload, helped them meet deadlines, and offered customers better and faster services.